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Beautiful Chaos: At HOME with Mark Bogosian

Bogosian family

Owner of Longfellow Design Build, Mark Bogosian, with his wife, Jeanie, and their two sons, Jack and Ryan.

Mark Bogosian takes an all-inclusive approach to life and business 

It’s not uncommon to find Mark Bogosian, owner of Longfellow Design Build, awake at all hours of the night preparing for an early morning weekend fishing trip. “Early” meaning before the sun has started to peak its way over the horizon. Along with a few of his more adventurous companions, Bogosian will head out to try his luck at fishing and enjoy a day on the water. It’s this same kind of unwavering energy, visible passion and go-getter attitude that Bogosian brings to his business.

Anyone who has been tuned into the Cape building scene for the last few years has seen the name Longfellow, not only in front of remarkable home projects, but also in some of the quintessential communities of the Cape, including Falmouth, Osterville and Chatham, where clients can visit Longfellow showrooms. “When I was younger, I loved working on homes with my dad,” explains Bogosian about the origin of his passion for the industry. The name “Longfellow” is even a nod to the street of the first house he worked on with his father. Today, Longfellow is a growing company that Bogosian proudly oversees along with countless supporters, including, of course, his dad.

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