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Beautiful Chaos: At HOME with Mark Bogosian


Mark Bogosian and son Jack

Mark Bogosian and son Jack, at the helm of Bogosian’s boat.

Bogosian is a 31-year-old with the energy of a 12-year-old and the maturity and ambition of someone far beyond his years. His two young sons, Jack and Ryan, are virtually mirror images of each other, with the exception of the 23 months that separate them. For a man with so many irons in the fire, Bogosian is lucky to have an energetic group of friends and family to unwind with. If he isn’t spending his free time fishing, he’s likely with his family, by the pool at his home in Falmouth, with a constant stream of guests stopping by to enjoy some laughs, all the while kids are running around the yard, often being led by the two blond Bogosian boys. Serving as an embodiment of the term “picture-perfect family,” Bogosian and his wife, Jeanie, are quick to count their blessings that have come from the efforts to build a successful business and a Cape-inspired existence.

Jeanie Bogosian and son Ryan

Jeanie Bogosian and son Ryan, out for a boat ride

A late summer Sunday barbecue finds a collection of friends, family and co-workers—everyone from Longfellow Marketing Director Mike Ciolino and his partner Mike Smith, proud grandparents Barry and Karen Bogosian, and friend Kevin Klauer with his growing family. Kids run around the pool ceaselessly trying to out-do each other on who can make the biggest splash, or which of them can make their parents the most nervous. Laughter peals across the neighborhood, and as Bogosian talks about the Cape Cod community with which he exchanges a mutual embrace, the family’s golden retriever, Tucker, comes bounding through the yard, slowing just long enough to make sure he has an audience before making a daring leap into the pool—one that is followed by the family’s second golden retriever, Lady. Not to be upstaged, Ryan, who has just turned 2, flashes a beguiling smile just before making a splash of his own, a fitting punctuation to that picture-perfect life.

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