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Beautiful Chaos: At HOME with Mark Bogosian

Bogosian family

Mark and Jeanie pose for a quick photo with Mark’s parents, Barry and Karen, and, of course, their two sons.

“My life is a little chaotic with two kids and two dogs,” says Bogosian. Jeanie, a 4th and 5th grade teacher, is quick to agree with a good-natured laugh, but it’s exactly their ability to deal with this kind of busy lifestyle—to organize the chaos—that contributes to Bogosian’s ability to deftly manage the countless details inherent to the design-build industry. “We’ll be out having dinner, and an endless stream of people will come over to have a drink or chat. There’s always something going on,” says Klauer, an attorney who also handles the permitting process for Longfellow.

Bogosian works personally on many of Longfellow’s projects—including a recent home completed for his parents—and he treats his team like family. “My house and my boat have always had an open invitation. The more, the merrier,” he says with a grin. Often his team can be found enjoying a meal with the Bogosian family, or taking a nap in the pool house after a long day of fishing together. “My poor wife will wake up the next day and ask, ‘Did we have guests stay over again?'” says Bogosian, laughing.

Tucker, the Bogosian family dog

The family dog, Tucker, cools off with a swim in the pool.

The relationship between the talented individuals that work for Longfellow is a key aspect to the philosophy of the company. Bogosian believes that having a staff that works and communicates effectively means that all aspects of a project will be detail-oriented and the highest quality. Longfellow’s business model is centered on streamlining the design and construction process by eliminating outside contractors. Of course, clients are free to consult with Longfellow and use their services at any stage of the process, but the idea is that the very best project development is produced by a cohesive relationship between owners, designers, architects and builders. With everyone on the same page, the projects are faster, more cost-efficient and, most importantly, more personal.

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