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Beautiful Chaos: At HOME with Mark Bogosian

Bogosian family

The Bogosians enjoying time together on their boat.

While Bogosian has certainly found a few perfect ways to unwind, work doesn’t seem to be a burden for him either. He approaches it the same way he approaches the rest of his life—with energy and vision. His dedication to the community to ensure that the Cape remains the thriving destination he first fell in love with is what drives him. His inspirations are drawn from the unique and vibrant culture of the area, the ocean he enjoys so thoroughly, and from bustling downtown areas with unique gathering spots, like Main Street Falmouth, located just a short walk from his home. All that makes the Cape special is captured—in fact, preserved—in a Longfellow design, thanks to Bogosian’s affection for the region.

“When I was a kid at Boston College, I used to tell people all the time, ‘I’m going to move to Cape Cod and figure out a way to build a business and support myself so I can truly enjoy everything the Cape has to offer.’ So I did,” says Bogosian. “People used to think I was crazy. They never really believed me. But here I am, and now I’m providing this experience for my kids, and that is all that they will know. They won’t see their existence here as ‘once-a-summer’ special. That just means everything to me.” With a third Bogosian child on the way, it’s clear that this family has chosen the perfect setting not only for their company but also for their beautiful, chaotic lives.

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