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Bespoke Abode

Home Furnishings

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Courtesy of Bespoke Abode

Liz Stiving-Nichols never dreamt that one day she would own a shop full of beautiful things on Martha’s Vineyard. The interior designer is also the owner of Martha’s Vineyard Interior Design, a full-service studio offering custom furniture, window treatments, floor coverings, and accessories.

“Bespoke Abode was never part of our plan,” says Stiving-Nichols. “We opened Martha’s Vineyard Interior Design in 2010 and I wanted a small studio space. In just a few months, we outgrew that space. So we rented a new space and came up with a name, and I went to the gift show . . . I did not have a big budget, the shop was minimal, but it worked! So we said to ourselves, ‘Wow! We really have something here!’ ”

Since then, the store on Vineyard Haven’s Main Street has expanded and Stiving-Nichols and her designers have gotten quite a few leads from people who come in and appreciate the store’s aesthetic. The shop is filled with carefully collected furnishings and collectibles that reflect Stiving-Nichols’ love of things that are simply beautiful, yet also superbly functional.

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Courtesy of Bespoke Abode

Sophisticated furnishings, hand-woven rugs, luminous glass collectibles, unusual gifts, whimsical pillows, and unique window treatments have made this shop a haven for decorators and homeowners. “We want our shop to be a showroom experience,” says Stiving-Nichols. “Our designers can sit with you and share the perfect item from the floor.”

Bespoke Abode visitors may find a vintage mid-century piece of furniture next to a sofa upholstered in a high-end Belgian linen. There is intriguing variety here. “We also carry things for someone who just stops in,” says Stiving-Nichols.“They can purchase a candle, a lovely frame, or a beautiful tray.”

Stiving-Nichols says her favorite thing about running a business on the island is that there is so much to be inspired by. “Each town on the Vineyard is so different. There is so much inspiration, which I believe is reflected in our store,” she says.

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