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Casabella Interiors

Home Furnishings

Courtesy of Casabella Interiors

Courtesy of Casabella Interiors

Walk in to Casabella Interiors on historic Route 6A in East Sandwich and you are immediately surrounded by beautiful vignette spaces, full to the brim with fine furnishings and decorative treasures from around the world, shelves of luscious high-end fabrics, piles of one-of-a-kind pillows and linens, and friendly staff who can help you envision the décor of your dreams.

You can purchase high quality furnishings in the shop, or set up a time to meet with the store’s owner, Michele Chagnon-Holbrook, and discuss your home’s interior design.

Describing the shop’s sumptuous vignettes created as actual interiors, Chagnon-Holbrook says her goal is to inspire people to imagine such beauty in their own homes. “We want our customers to relate to these spaces, inspiring them to see what can be done in their living, or bed, room,” says Michele. “That inspiration works on all levels.”

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Describing Casabella’s success in just four short years—which has led to interior design projects Cape-wide and in the Boston area as well as in numerous locations from Connecticut to Florida—Chagnon-Holbrook stresses the importance of great staff, relationships with high quality vendors, and her commitment to working collaboratively with customers. “It’s a simple synergy,” she says, “but often overlooked. Our tagline at Casabella has always been ‘become inspired.’ We want people to come into our shop and just say . . . “ ‘ahhh!! We are so excited to find this little jewel box of a shop on Route 6A!’ ”

With a staff of three designers, a fleet of well-known vendors and suppliers, and a spacious warehouse space also featuring inspirational vignettes and one-of-a-kind carefully curated products, there just is something very special about Casabella Interiors.

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