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Boiling down to the details

ultimate outdoor dream kitchen

While most aspects of the kitchen were carefully designed in advance, some continued to evolve or be honed during construction. What if the meal du jour was a clambake—would there be room on the stove for large lobster pots? This late concern was addressed only after the crew spent a day dismantling a cabinet, dropping the counter down, and recessing the cooktop. Thinking further ahead, the homeowner envisioned a time when it might be too hard to lift a loaded lobster pot off the stove to drain the boiling water, so not only can he slide the pots off the lowered counter, he had them outfitted with spigots and had a floor drain installed… Problem solved. Some design choices were a “happy accident,” Myette says, like when they found a curbing material in Phoenician Buff and realized it would make an ideal footrest for the bar.

Trying to anticipate every need and future event became something of a game with his client, Myette recalls. “He and I were trying to one up each other as to who was paying more attention to detail. It became a running joke. He would bring something up, and then he would say, ‘But I guess you already thought of that.’”

While the homeowner and Myette did think ahead and designed the Colombo Juparana granite counter to have a two-degree pitch to aid rain runoff, the equally conscientious granite contractor, who completed the installation of all of the counters in one marathon day, proudly announced when he was done: “The counters were a little uneven, so I flattened them out.”

Though an exacting project, it was one that fostered camaraderie, and at its finish, the homeowners threw a party for Myette and his crew, along with the plumbers, electricians, subcontractors, suppliers, and their spouses. Having cooked for the workers on Fridays during the project, he had already learned their preferences, so for the culminating dinner, he cooked 27 pounds of tenderloin, 18 racks of ribs, pan-seared scallops, and corn on the cob. He also stocked the pizza station so that everyone could create his or her own pie. He hired a local band, The Silent Trees, and at his wife’s insistence, arranged for a car to drive everyone home at night’s end.

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