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Broadway to Cape Cod

Dan Cutrona

Grandy is still working to build worlds, just now on Cape Cod, as the new executive producer of The Cape Playhouse. “The whole reason we’re here is for the community,” Grandy says of the Playhouse. “We are here for their smiles as they’re leaving, for the laughter while they’re in there, for the applause after a great number, or even for their tears, so that they walk out changed and relieved in some way. Here, the world around the Playhouse is how we’re connected with the community and how we are here for them.”

The importance of community was instilled in Grandy at an early age—as was his love of theater. Grandy’s story, as he explains, is just like that of the character Michael from A Chorus Line,” referencing the lyrics of the song “I Can Do That”:

I’m watchin’ Sis go pitter-pat.
Said, “I can do that,
I can do that.”
Knew ev’ry step right off the bat.
Said, “I can do that,
I can do that.”

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