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Celebrating the life and work of Cape Cod writer, historian and character, Noel Beyle

One of the Cape’s Last Characters

Celebrating the work of Noel Beyle

He sold books and bravado. He relished in humor and history. And he frequently peddled curios and curiosity. He was perhaps Cape Cod’s last true character.

Noel W. Beyle was a writer and historian. He was also husband to Sue, for whom he always referred to as “my bride.” The self-proclaimed “Mayor of West Eastham” lived on a dune overlooking Cape Cod Bay in a home constructed of three one-story army barracks during World War II and known to locals as West Eastham Town Hall; during summer a sign warned passersby of a poison ivy yet encouraged them to “pick what you want.” In his later years, he actually drove a white delivery truck bearing the custom-made corporate logo “Viagra Oyster Company.” Seriously.

Additionally, he was a prolific collector and seller, ranging from vintage postcards (at one point he owned nearly 60,000 pieces) and eclectic antiques—not to mention calendar art, nostalgic signage and kitsch junk. Many likely knew him from his decades-long presence at the Wellfleet Flea Market where, clad in wool tam, purple crocs, glasses, and mustache, he sold memorabilia by the boatload. 

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