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100 years of history! Learn more about Puritan Cape Cod.

A Tradition of Trust

Puritan Cape Cod celebrates its centennial

The world has changed a lot in 100 years. In 1919, the end of the first World War culminated in the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. Rotary dial phones were introduced for the first time, as was the pop-up toaster. Women were granted the right to vote, Prohibition was implemented, and Daylight Savings Time was adopted. And another august event made its mark on the year: Abraham Penn opened his first clothing store, thus launching a Cape Cod institution—Puritan Cape Cod.

Three generations of the Penn family—Abe, his sons Milton and Howard, and the third generation, their nephew Jim, and Howard’s son Rick—have charted a course of quality and service that has touched countless lives over the last century. From the very beginning, the transfer of values has provided a continuum of purpose for the family. Today, with Rick, president, and Jim, vice president, at the helm, the core beliefs upon which the business was founded are still in tact and acknowledged every day.

Rick sums it up succinctly: “The values my grandfather started the company with in 1919 are still here today. He had a great saying, ‘I’d rather make a friend than make a sale.’ Today that philosophy has determined our mission statement: Earn the Relationship.” He continues to say that effort has three separate, but equally important, targets: “our customers, our employees and our community.”

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