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Broadway to Cape Cod

Dan Cutrona

It’s been in recent years that Grandy has discovered The Cape Playhouse, coming down to Dennis to see shows his Broadway friends were starring in. Grandy recalls one night after he saw a show at The Cape Playhouse with longtime friend Michael Rader, the Playhouse’s artistic director. “That night I think we stayed up ’til probably past 2 a.m. drinking rosé on the porch—as you do on Cape Cod,” he jokes. “I said to him, ‘Michael, this is the Lincoln Center of Cape Cod! This can be everything!’ This campus—it’s a theater, it’s a cinema, it’s an art museum, it’s a restaurant—it’s everything you need in one place. And I thought it was phenomenal that there was so much opportunity here.”

In February Grandy officially joined The Cape Playhouse as executive producer, a newly created position at the theater company. The goal, says Grandy, is to take the Playhouse’s reach to the next level. “I’m overseeing the operations and business side of it all, but approaching it with a different lens, which is that whole world we can build around the Playhouse,” he explains. Grandy is in talks to partner with the Cape Cinema to host film screenings that coincide with this season’s shows. “It would be wonderful if at the end of this season the community here feels ownership of the Playhouse,” says Grandy, who also hopes to collaborate with the Cape Cod Museum of Art on behind-the-scenes exhibits.

“I’m so, so excited that we have Joe,” says Michael Rader. “I think we have very bright times ahead for us.”

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