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Building on Inspiration

Acorn Deck House Company

With over 70 years of experience, from two successful companies combined, Acorn Deck House Company has been providing the country with unique, prefabricated homes for every style. In 1995, the Acorn Homes and the Deck House companies merged to create the ultimate prefab home company. “Acorn was founded in 1947 and Deck House in 1959. They both had their own unique styles; Deck Houses were built with an exposed post and beam system, and feature signature, structural ceiling decking throughout, which is actually where the name ‘Deck House’ came from. Acorn Homes, on the other hand, were a little more traditional New England, but with a contemporary twist,” explains Valerie Graham, marketing coordinator at Acorn. In 2005, the company added a new brand, Next House, to their portfolio, and under new ownership in 2009, became the Acorn Deck House Company, acknowledging the storied history of both companies. 

While the term “prefab” might bring to mind images of cookie cutter homes in the suburbs, Acorn Deck homes are far from traditional. “While we’re a prefab company, we’re not limited to stock plans or styles. Our unique structural system, components, and materials allow us to custom design each home based upon individual client needs, and to build anywhere, in any condition,” says Design Manager and registered architect Michael Hawkes. Working closely with the client, Michael and his team study site surveys, conditions, and local restrictions or requirements, and go over the clients’ needs and aesthetic preferences to custom create a home suited to the homeowners. Once the design is finalized, the components are fabricated in Acorn’s factory in Acton, MA, then shipped to the site in manageable loads for the client’s builder to assemble.

This home in southeastern Massachusetts shows off the unique, yet timeless design possible with Acorn Deck House Company. “This is a great example of how our designs evolve based on the client’s needs. The client first came to us wanting a very modern home, so we went through several sketches and revisions to make that dream a reality. Then, the homeowner saw another home on our website that was a little more traditional, and she wanted to bring that inspiration into the design as well. So we came up with this new modern, but still traditional, home,” says Valerie. Michael elaborates, “This one really shows off the Acorn Style. You can start with a modern house, but as you start to focus on what makes that Cape Cod style, we can adapt it to have the right forms, the right material and then focus on the details to make that happen. So, this home evolved that way; it’s still a modern house, but it has that traditional feel to honor the style of the area.”

But why choose Acorn’s prefab homes? Michael discusses the benefits, most importantly, the reliability and consistency. “Throughout the entire process, we’re using a system we’ve used countless times. While you can still get a unique and tailored home, running in the background is that predictable process. We know we can give cost estimates earlier than is typical. We know the quality is going to be there because it is factory controlled, precision fit and we’re using quality materials. The time can be predictable as well, so much so that there can be overlap. The house can be constructed during inclement weather or while the site work is occurring, because it’s being made in the factory. That overlap helps with the overall time budgeting as well.” Take it from a company that has over 70 years of experience, prefab will always be in style.

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