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b Architecture Studio

For the past ten years, b Architecture Studio has taken custom home design to the next level, working in a truly collaborative manner with clients who are ready to take on the adventurous task of designing a home. “As a studio, we seek to do truly custom design projects. Our clients are those who really want to work and collaborate with us as we lead them through the design process into construction,” says Christopher Brown, AIA, LEED AP, Principal at b Architecture Studio. “We really do see the value, and the fun, in assembling the whole team early in the design process and in a team of experts guiding the homeowner, or small business, to make the most informed decisions around logistics, budget, schedule. Our clients seem to have an adventurous spirit and insightful ideas of what they want their home to be.” 

That adventurous spirit is exemplified in this unique Provincetown home. Located upon a hill, with gorgeous views of the water, this home is the product of a beautiful working relationship between Brown and his team, the homeowners and builders, Cape Associates. “The clients were very much intent on finding their getaway in Provincetown. They had actually seen our work down the street, which is always music to an architect’s ears. And they were quite creative and savvy and honestly delightful to work with throughout the process,” says Brown of the experience. Not only was the focus on creating an Outer Cape getaway, but making the most of a small space. At 1,100 square feet, what Brown calls a “half-Cape,” the team had to be creative when it came to storage while still feeling open and welcoming. “We made sure we designed places for shoes, coffee, wine and the homeowners,” he laughs. “And that was quite a challenge, but a fun challenge. I think we were very successful in understanding how they wanted to use the space, where their visitors and overnight guests will stay. We knew it would be a popular spot, given its location. It was about finding a home for everything within the design.”

Details throughout the home show the care and attention that went into creating the space. The undulating ceiling that leads from the living room to the kitchen brings depth and volume to an otherwise flat, low ceiling. Cubbies provide not only storage, but décor and texture to the entryway. “One aspect I love is how each of these spaces relates to one another and the comfortable flow created within a small footprint. It doesn’t feel like you’re in a tiny house, it feels very nestled. A fun design piece is the custom banquette and the furniture designed around it. It’s such a multi-use space. One of the homeowners might come down early and, this was before it was popular, do some work from home there. The next day, it’ll become a place to gather around breakfast, friends can come over, or it might be a great place to settle during the afternoon and read a book. With the natural wood, it can really withstand that daily use; it doesn’t have to be a place only used for special occasions. It’s a beach house.”

Brown credits the homeowners, of this home and all the homes designed by b Architecture Studio, with the spirit and personality of the home. “I don’t think this project portrays something unique to what we do, but rather portrays the uniqueness of this client. And that’s true for all our clients. Their personality rings true in every space and that is so much fun for us.”

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