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Sea Squared Design

“You usually have the space you need; you just need to maximize it.”
~ Christian Granfield

The enjoyment of a Cape Cod home does not need to be contingent upon square footage. With the right design and use of space, a small footprint can remain ideal as families grow and the seasons change. Founder of Sea Squared Design Christine Granfield designs spaces to maximize living. After 15 years in their Yarmouth cottage, Granfield’s recent clients opted for a complete renovation. Their home now feels spacious, comfortable, and inviting for their frequent family visitors. 

15 years ago, amidst a career in biotech and pharmaceuticals, Granfield redid her own home and fell in love with architecture and design. In 2014 she began her own design company, Sea Squared Design. Granfield continues to transform her clients’ homes by rethinking every space to be livable and usable, like this coastal, cozy cottage.

When the homeowners wanted to hire a designer, their builder, Ed Shea of Shea Custom Cabinetry, recommended Granfield. “Since I was able to come onto the project in the early stage, I could work with the family to envision what they wanted and how they would use the space. When you walk in now, it’s a small house, but it feels large,” Granfield says. The client’s main goal was to maximize space with an open concept while remaining durable for guests. The finished cottage has three bedrooms, a sitting room, an entry way with a laundry room, and two full baths, one complete with a soaking tub. In just 1,250-square-feet, the spacious feel was achieved, thanks to the team’s extensive forethought and planning.

“One of the biggest differences was the cathedral ceiling. It definitely opened up the space. We also had to fit a piano, which needs a large space and an interior wall. We fit everything in: the island peninsula, soaking tub, and even a dining table with those beautiful striped chairs,” she adds. “It even surprised me. I’m a huge proponent of you usually have the space you need; you just need to maximize it. It definitely worked out well,” she says.

The living area is the perfect blend of modern and traditional. The kitchen, designed by Donna Gavin of Botello Lumber, is bright and clean, with the perfect dining table and striped chairs nestled in to add a pop of green that ties into the front door. The stripes continue over in the kids’ bedroom with nautical navy headboards. Even with details like the wine cooler, Granfield and the team considered how the homeowners would use the kitchen to decide where it would best be placed.

Flowing throughout the home, light and airy colors mix with subtle pops of color. “I like to use colors to soothe and create a space that’s comfortable and tranquil. People walk into this home and it feels so comfortable. They all have their privacy now with all of the bedrooms. They also did their back patio and have a fire pit. They have a really happy family place. To hear how excited they are and how much they use it, that’s the biggest joy,” Granfield says. 

“For people out there that have small spaces, if you think about it enough and figure out what you need, you can typically come up with a solution that works well. Think about things spatially: how do you use a house? Where do you go to get this and that? We can think about places in our home that we rarely use and rethink how we can utilize each space best,” she remarks. 

Sea Squared Design is online at

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