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Trellis Home Design

A Stylish Infusion: Allison Mattison and Trellis Home Design brings fashionable fun into your home.
“Usually when it makes you happy, it’s something you’re gonna love forever.”
~ Allison Mattison

Just as the right piece of jewelry can pull an ensemble together, the small details can have a big impact in crafting an interior space. Artfully selected flourishes—a tasselled drawer pull, tropically-hued accent pillows, an heirloom rug—can tie a room up into a positively chic space for homeowners to live and revel in. That is the head-to-toe, ceiling-to-floor level of detailing that Trellis Home Design, and founder Allison Mattison, bring to each project.

Mattison’s background in fashion is what elevates Trellis’ projects into spaces adorned with style and personality. Her career includes stints with Gap, Banana Republic, Brooks Brothers, Michael Kors, and Lily Pulitzer, brands synonymous with fine, accessible fashion that play classic ideas against a flair for fun—something recognizable in Mattison’s aesthetic. At Lilly Pulitzer, known for their energetic and colorful prints, she cultivated a deep appreciation and interest in textiles. This, paired with a love for bold colors inspired by modern art, led Mattison to pursue a new career as an interior designer. 

In 2012, along with a close friend, she launched Trellis Home Design. The company began first as an online design service, with shoppable looks clients could browse from their own homes. Five years later, Mattison became primary principal of Trellis. Since then, the company has grown to a small and mighty team of five working out of their Hingham showroom and shop. Mattison sums up Trellis’ brand as New England sensibility with a Palm Beach flair.

“I just love the vibe of coastal homes. People want to be relaxed, and they want to still be refined, but it’s more of a lighthearted space for them,” says Mattison. “I feel like in coastal homes, people are more apt to take some risks. They want it to be comfortable and livable, but they also are willing to take a chance on a color or an accent piece for their home and that makes the project a lot more fun.”

In no home is this sensibility so celebrated than in the project taken on by Trellis in a Duxbury residence. The home has been owned by the family for over 30 years, and while the family has grown and changed themselves, much of the interior has stayed the same. The homeowners wanted to bring life and vitality back into these spaces, and what began as a project focused on the family room has quickly encompassed almost the entire home. 

A color palette of spring greens and soft white, orange and coral, cream and wheat dresses up the refreshed family room. Inspiration for the color story was pulled from the views of the cranberry bogs just beyond the room’s windows, and from artwork already owned by the family. The prints, depicting delicate lily pads harmonious in their simplicity, became a visual touchstone for the room. Pops of orange, echoing the hue of the lily bloom, bounces around the room in pillows, throws, and small accents and details. Throughout the room, Mattison is able to pull together what in less adept hands would be a cacophony of competing patterns and textures in the textiles. The space is at once calm and playful, with a multitude of small details to appreciate from the embrace of a deep-cushioned corner couch. 

Where the living room is understated in its playfulness, the dining room is exuberant. The design almost dares guests not to smile amidst the pink polka dots and blue cherry blossoms bedecking the space. For Mattison, inspiration for these bold choices came from the homeowner’s heirloom oriental rug anchoring the center of the room.

“I looked at the rug. And I was like ‘What color…what bright color can I pull from this?’ And it was really that raspberry color. So I started with that,” explains Mattison. “And then I see a little bit of blue, almost like a French blue, in there as well. So I took those two colors and ran with that as the color story.”

This color story mixes with a chorus of chinoiserie, dark wood, contemporary colors and prints to a crescendo of youthful energy. Solid swaths of french blue in the curtain panels and the head-of-table chairs are a soft backdrop to the smacking pink punctuating the rest of the room. Used most prominently in the polkadotted dining chairs, the same raspberry hue peeks out in the patterned edging of the curtains, from the base of an accent lamp and lining the back of the built-in bookcases. The dimension created by this use of colors, pattern, and texture has revitalized this space into one the family has joyfully rediscovered through Trellis’ design.

The small team at Trellis Home Design has a gift for transforming the energy of a room and of a home, the spectrum ranging from vivacious, to refreshing, to calming. For the master bedroom, Mattison creates a space that is serene yet interesting. Swathed in a palette of pale blues in soft and subtle textures, the room evokes a bouquet of blue hydrangeas- soft, delicate hues of blues and white, with sprigs of green brought in by the printed silk artwork flanking the bed. 

The successful completion of these spirited designs depends on establishing a relationship of trust with Mattison’s clients. After the team does an initial consult and walkthrough with clients, a scope and initial plan are formed. Mattison and her team present the concept to the homeowners during content meetings, and feedback and new ideas from clients are incorporated into the final design. Furnishings options are selected, finishes are chosen, and items sourced and at the ready. It is only after the final design review with the homeowners that the project moves from concept to reality. It is throughout this process that Mattison tests the adventurous extents of her clients. She will present the boldest, most colorful options first and scale back to where the client feels comfortable. 

Mattison revels in the new life her designs breathe into her client’s homes. She encourages embracing something fresh and fun. She wants to dispel the fears her clients have of a new design getting old fast.

“I hear all the time, ‘Will I get sick of it?’” Mattison says. “You know, if it makes you happy, you’re not going to get sick of it. Usually when it makes you happy, it’s something you’re gonna love forever.”

Furnishings and finishes are sourced by Trellis through design centers or from boutique shops like oomph Home, where the headboard and nightstand were found. Instagram-inspired deep dives help source unique items for client’s homes. For those looking to add a bit of extra spice to their spaces without going full-service design, the retail shop downstairs from the design studio carries decorative items and artwork from Kerri Rosenthal and Wendy Concannon. A wall of pillows and offerings of textile options offer plush and lush decor fit for any home.

What Trellis Home Design does is alchemical—transforming a space so completely that the whole energy of the room or home is changed. It takes more than a fresh coat of paint or a new sofa to do this; for Mattison the magic is in the details that take a designed space from interesting to enthralling. Jewel-toned tassels on pillows and drawer pulls, colored raffia lining the shelves of a built-in, or subtle patterning on a rug or textile bring unexpected moments of delight throughout her spaces. 

Mattison has established a company in Trellis Home Design that allows her to be constantly challenging her creative side by designing multi-dimensional spaces that her clients delight in. It is evident in her aesthetic that creating these lively and luxurious spaces is more than just a job, but a joy for her. Especially when the final room is revealed. 

“They’re so excited to see it all come to fruition,” says Mattison. “It’s just so fun to see people so happy with the totally changed space, because it changes the energy -the whole energy- of the home. And I love seeing that reaction in clients”

Learn more about Mattison and Trellis at

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