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Gatherers & Collectors

Jackie Zartarian and Amy Benz turn their keen eye to found objects that make a home new

Two best friends with a love of staging and interior design decided to transform their passion into a business in 2013. Jackie and Amy met about 20 years ago, introduced by their husbands who are longtime friends from high school. Today, both women have daughters in their twenties and their families remain close, both in and out of their store. 

The pair brings unique yet cohesive styles and home staging backgrounds to the table. Amy is originally from Buffalo, New York, and Jackie from San Diego,  California and the duo followed their husbands to the Cape. The extent of the store’s success was unexpected by the owners, but certainly cherished alongside their close friendship. “I was a stay-at-home mom for years. Jackie and I had been friends forever and raised our girls together. We love to decorate homes, so we thought, ‘Why not make a living out of it and see if it works?’ And it really took off,” Amy explains. “Staging is the catalyst for all of this. We couldn’t find things on the Cape—we couldn’t find lamps or rugs, and we thought we should just open a shop,” adds Jackie.

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