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Need home design inspiration? Bungalow is the place to go!

Inspiration comes to these two curators in the art of bringing diverse pieces together. They both emphasize the need to layer old and new consigned pieces to stage a unified look, putting their own spin on coastal style. “We bring in things that we really love that we think are beautiful, regardless of if it matches or if it’s the same genre. We keep evolving and our looks keep evolving. Right now, we both are pretty obsessed with the West Palm Beach look, and try to keep everything clean and crisp, bringing in unexpected things,” says Jackie. 

The challenge is in being able to stage the funky consignment pieces, but the talent of these co-owners in designing their showroom is unmatched. “We like to have high and low and old and new. We like mid-century modern, and then we try to keep it pretty authentic to Cape Cod. That’s why we take consignment so we can mix in curated things,” Jackie explains.

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