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Need home design inspiration? Bungalow is the place to go!

New this spring is Bungalow’s resort-wear pop-up. In this section of the store beach dresses, sandals, jewelry, bags and towels are beautifully displayed, switching gears from home furnishings to fashion. Jackie and Amy, shopping lovers themselves, were inspired to appeal to the tourist clientele—not everyone will walk away with a lamp, but visitors can always leave Bungalow with a pair of flip flops or earrings. “Between the two of us, we love to shop for clothes as well and we wanted something for the people that came in the summertime to be able to take away,” explains Amy. In this sense, Bungalow continues to evolve, now offering everything from a new kitchen table to a bright beach bag.

Visitors should take time walking through Bungalow to appreciate the detail that has gone into this store. From paintings and clocks to rugs and unique lighting fixtures, each corner has its treasures to discover. Bungalow is more than a furnishing consignment store; it is a beautifully crafted showroom that displays the creativity that can go into the modern coastal home, inspiring homeowners to curate their own bungalow.

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