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California Dreaming

Scott Peacock Mid Cape home

Long expanses of leathered granite and the absence of upper cabinets allow the open kitchen to subtly share the space with the living area.

A new pantry tucked around the corner is home to an impressive barista station—a daily passion of the homeowners that quickly becomes part of the experience for any lucky visitors as well. The homeowner is quick to run through a list of beverage options that rival any trendy coffeehouse, and being an avid and accomplished baker, it is hard to resist her unique and thoughtful offer of such a cozy and satisfying way to chat.

Peacock’s new plan called for a transition in the gables of the rooflines, resulting in a cathedral ceiling over a portion of the dining and living area. Massive whitewashed beams span above the newly opened space, with its freshly painted white built-ins and seating areas with comfortable, white upholstery and decorative blue accents. A 10-foot-long chestnut dining table, with the most subtle live edge, custom built and designed by Colonial Tables in Chatham, allows the family and friends to gather together for memorable meals throughout the year. Despite time split between three residences, the homeowners spend as much of the summer as they are able to and much of the spring and fall at this home that is full of memories of the homeowner’s parents. When their two grown boys and new daughter-in-law are able to break away from their busy lives, the family will meet at the Cape to reconnect and recharge.

Underneath all of this rich activity lie the spectacular floors that Peacock had some convincing to achieve with the homeowner. “She wanted all new floors and kept asking me what I thought of various samples,” he says. “I kept telling her that the white oak floors from the original home were in great shape and didn’t need to be replaced. But she kept looking at me saying, ‘Really?’ Finally I convinced her that we could keep the floors, but get the look she wanted.” Peacock sanded the two-and-a-quarter-inch white oak floors and then stained them with a light gray pickled finish. The effect is an expanse of driftwood-like foundation upon which the whole design relies. Now, the homeowner is profoundly grateful for Peacock’s perseverance because she not only loves the look, but she also feels that she is walking in her parents’ footsteps. “The floors sound the same when you walk through the house,” she says with sentimentality.

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