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Gather ‘Round for the Holidays

Tablescape at Salt Pond, Eastham

The Chatham Home reimagines holiday celebrations in some most unusual spaces

As Wendy Potenza first set out to curate her coastal living store on Main Street, Chatham in 2013, she put herself in her future customers shoes—or, rather, in their homes—honing in on what exactly they would want in their Chatham abodes. Beach-inspired furnishings? Of course. But at The Chatham Home, as Potenza aptly named the business, it’s about providing that beachy, coastal feeling in an elevated, modern way. From sofas to pillows and everything in between, The Chatham Home’s product offerings aren’t your cliché “usual suspects,” explains Potenza.

“We want to make sure that when you come in the store it’s a place where The Chatham Home team can help you find a lot of different things that you wouldn’t find at a lot of other places,” she says. In addition to their unique product offerings, what sets The Chatham Home apart also lies in their custom interior design services. In-house designer Erin Masterson works one-on-one with clients who need help bringing to life their vision of their dream home. “The Chatham Home wants to know how you live in your home, because it might be different than someone else,” Potenza says. “So Erin not only designs, but she’s also a design buddy.”

That means Masterson takes the time to get to know homeowners, understanding their daily lives and what products will best accommodate the way they live. To Masterson, it’s about designing for a lifestyle, something she is well-versed in, having previously worked in the fashion industry in New York. “Having a great outfit on is definitely going to change your day, and being in a home where you feel comfortable and fits your lifestyle, that’s going to change the way you live,” she says. “We understand the Cape Cod lifestyle and what you’re here for—what you want to do, what you want to feel when you step into your home—so our products here represent that.”

Whether you’re looking to decorate your entire home or simply in need of a hostess gift, The Chatham Home can help. With the holiday season in full swing and festive dinner parties on the horizon, The Chatham Home can even help you create the perfect tablescape to impress your guests. “I love the idea of having a dining experience,” says Masterson. “You want it to be personal and you want your guests to see your personality in the way you lay out your table.”

Your tablescape also benefits when it reflects your surroundings, Masterson adds. “We live in such a beautiful place here on Cape Cod,” she says, “and it’s all about the ocean and the seafood, so pulling that into your tablescape is only fitting.” On the following pages, see how Masterson brought a piece of Cape Cod to the table in two different, yet equally imaginative, tablescape designs.

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