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California Dreaming

Scott Peacock Mid Cape home

A quiet nook allows the homeowners to enjoy their woodland surroundings.

Flanking each side of the dining area, two long built-ins, also crafted by Horgan Millwork, provide definition to the space and ample storage and display opportunities—the simple aesthetic of their design adds a decorative element to the otherwise white walls. “Working with Scott Horgan was awesome,” the homeowner recalls. “I knew exactly what I wanted—like no toe kick at the base of the cabinetry, and he really hesitated. I told him I wanted it to look like it was furniture, not cabinets, even in the kitchen. I told him that he would see how great it would look and probably would never offer toe kicks again!” Her determined energy ultimately paid off, and was reconfirmed as she sourced unique and inspired hardware choices throughout. “It’s those little details that I notice,” she says. “I don’t know if anyone else does, but it makes me happy, and I guess that’s all that matters.” In fact, she sells herself a bit short, because it’s not long before visitors to the space find themselves subconsciously drawn to the countless thoughtful details found in unexpected places. Outlets, including USB ports, are intuitively located under the granite overhang of the island, and light switch plates have been deliberately placed so as not to distract. The concentration on subtle details, by the entire team, is what makes this project stand out. “Everyone’s contribution to this project was invaluable,” the homeowner confirms. “From Scott Peacock to Scott Horgan to Kathy and Don at Cape Cod Counterworks, who actually called another client and asked them to give up the granite slab they chose so we could have it, everyone contributed to this masterpiece. I say to our friends that it is our Monet. I look out those gorgeous windows and I see such a beautiful scene. It is just such a gorgeous gift!”

And the three-season room the homeowner envisioned for Phase Two? That was also incorporated into the plan. Now a screened-in dining porch creates another space to enjoy the wooded surroundings. “This site is so unique because this part of the Cape does not usually have houses that enjoy this kind of privacy,” says Peacock. “When you look off the back of the house, due to the way it is positioned, you can’t see any other houses. It truly feels like you are by yourself in the woods.”

Perhaps the most remarkable part of this renovation is the part that hasn’t changed at all. Peacock’s new renovation that transformed the interior so dramatically with its soaring gabled ceiling did not impact the front façade and rooflines of the modest ranch. “Our friends all knew that we were under construction for several months,” the homeowner recalls. “And they were listening to me talk their ears off about every last decision and stage of construction. So when people came to see the final result, they would pull in the driveway with all sorts of expectation and be so disappointed because it looks exactly the same from outside.” It only takes a moment for the confusion to dissipate, because as soon as you push open the door, you are awestruck. Your mind requires a minute to adjust, but regardless, it is secondary to the gasp that escapes when your jaw drops open. The process of crossing the threshold is truly transporting. For some it feels as though you are in a dream where you have landed in a California beachside tree house. For others like the homeowner and her family, it is a perfect intersection of the deep and rich history of her parents Cape house and the fresh California aesthetic she unpacks every time she is here.

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