Calm Seas Ahead

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Writer: Allyson Plessner / Photographer: Sarah Dasco 

Photographer Sarah Dasco has found both calmness and passion in capturing her coastal surroundings.  Nauset Beach Wave Famed French explorer Jacques Cousteau once said, “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” Photographer Sarah Dasco has a profound understanding of the allure that Costeau was referencing. More than that, Dasco casts her own net of wonder through captivating photographs of the ocean and surrounding coastlines. There is an effervescence that rides the crest of every wave, particularly those that crash along the shores of Cape Cod, and Dasco has made it her mission, indeed her passion, to capture that which is almost uncapturable: the sea and all its many glorious, spirited, yet calming facets.  Dasco discovered her love of photography by way of another great love: her children. “When they were young, I loved photographing them, and I found myself getting really creative with the shots I was taking,” she reminisces. “Some of my friends even began asking me to photograph their children and really started encouraging this new hobby of mine.” As her children grew older, Dasco jokes that they became less apt to having their photo taken, but photography continued to call to her. So, she turned to a new subject, and found her niche in photographing the coastal landscape around her.  As a resident of both Hingham and Harwich Port, Dasco became fascinated with her seaside surroundings—from beach, to ocean, to harbor, it’s easy to fall in love with all the region has to offer. There’s always another angle to capture, another way in which the light hits the water to entrance both Dasco and her patrons. Turning from photographing rambunctious little ones, to the places in which she finds almost complete serenity, was certainly a change, but one that…

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Allyson Plessner

Allyson Plessner is a former editorial intern for Cape Cod Life and now works for the publication as a staff writer and digital media coordinator. Born in Florida, Allyson has been a lifelong summer resident of the Cape. She is a recent alumna of the College of Charleston, located in Charleston, South Carolina, where she completed bachelor’s degrees in both English and Spanish. In her free time, Allyson is an avid sailor, beach-goer, and—like her fellow Cape Cod Life colleagues—a dog-lover.