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See what’s brewing at these local breweries!

What’s Brewing?

The beer scene on the Cape is thriving
and these local breweries are the reason.

Cape Cod’s summers are best enjoyed relaxing on a hot day at the beach with a cold and refreshing beer in hand. A myriad of local, high-quality concoctions await the thirsty traveler or resident. Many of the Cape’s best breweries are relative newcomers, but they are quickly becoming some of the most popular establishments across New England, and rapidly, Cape Cod is turning into a premier destination for those seeking to experience uniquely brewed beers. 

Cape Cod’s cyclical tourism season has made opening small enterprises, such as these breweries, which profit the most in the summer months, a difficult task. Each of the breweries detailed in the following pages opened as a very small scale operation driven by a single person or pair of friends passionate about their craft, and many remain that way. Brewers are in many ways artists—architects of something new—with each batch brewed being a distinct and unprecedented creation. Opening and building a brewery, like any business, is a slow process with no guarantee of success, yet many Cape Cod brewers are brewing delightful batches that achieve immense popularity. 

The brewing community on Cape Cod is truly close-knit, with neighbors hoping to see their neighbors succeed. As well, every establishment has worked to help their locale in some way or another. Whether it be fundraising or education or spreading awareness, the breweries provide resources where they can and have earned their place as welcome neighbors and valued community members here on the Cape. 

To celebrate this newfound burgeoning industry, 2019 marks the Eighth Annual Cape Cod Brew Fest and the event is set to be the largest yet. Over 100 brewers will be present with over 300 beers choices for patrons to sample. The event will be held on Saturday, September 21st at the Cape Cod Fairgrounds. The event is 21+ only and requires a ticket which can be purchased online or at the gate. Prices start at $55 for customers who wish to partake. 

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