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Bad Martha

Martha’s Vineyard’s Bad Martha recently expanded operations to the mainland this summer. The new year-round location in East Falmouth offers an alternative to its seasonal brewery in Edgartown. The new brewery is larger than the original and includes a small kitchen which offers patrons some light fare including flatbreads and pizza to accompany the drinks. Bad Martha’s has an often changing tap list which usually features around ten different beers. 

Joshua Flanders, Bad Martha’s General Manager, cites “Shark Bite!,” a Jalapeño Cucumber Lager as his favorite, and many customers agree. The creation of “Shark Bite!” begins with an aged light American Lager followed by the addition of locally grown jalapeños and cucumbers. The refreshing cucumber taste is the first to greet you followed by slight heat from the jalapeños. The two opposite flavors complement each other swimmingly—pun intended. Shark Bite! Is a very limited seasonal beer offered around August (the growing season of jalapeños and cucumbers). 

Bad Martha’s has donated to the Island Food Pantry every year since their inception, with last year’s amounting to $7,500. Flanders says the East Falmouth location will make similar charitable donations to a Cape Cod-based non-profit but has yet to make a final decision.

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