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See what’s brewing at these local breweries!

Route 6a Brewing

Nestled right off of the Cape’s most important artery, Sagamore’s Route 6A Brewing is best described as a nano-brewery. Started by four friends in the Fall of 2017, this small and family-friendly craft beer brewery took over the site of the former Flynn’s Restaurant. The brewery currently has nine different beers to choose from, including four core brews. Each batch is brewed in a very small quantity. The small batch size also lends itself to experimentation, to try production of a variety of styles. For the consumer, this microscopic scale guarantees the utmost freshness of the product. The brewery is adding a food truck to provide meals in addition to the brews. Route 6A Brewing has worked with several local organizations and has had a presence at a number of community events. 

The brewery favorite is simply named “Summer.” Summer is a Belgian Wit, a pale and cloudy ale brewed with a high quantity of wheat. An alternative take on the drink is also available: the Summer Raspberry, produced with 13 pounds of raspberries, adds a slight aroma in addition to the fruity flavor. Unlike the original, Summer Raspberry is available in cans.

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