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The Best Neighbors Ever

Stick Built Construction

Located on Route 28 in Waquoit, Stick Built Construction owners Nick and Penny Luckraft are crafting some of the most unique fences in the region. Stick-built construction is defined as that which is constructed on-site without pre-fabrication; a technique and approach Luckraft brings to his clients’ projects. Trained as a finish carpenter, Luckraft, who has been in carpentry for 20 years, now specializes in fences, pergolas, arbors and outdoor rinse stations (also known as outdoor showers). Luckraft has applied his attention to detail and his fine craftsmanship to each and every project he creates. “There aren’t a lot of fence companies that are providing the art of a finish carpenter to their product and that is why our fences appear so uniquely different,” Luckraft explains. Indeed they do look different; Luckraft’s finished product looks more like an outdoor version of the interior paneling or railings and balusters that are found in finely crafted homes. 

“Our fences are long-lasting, in fact they are ‘over-built’. We use screws instead of nails, and we sink our fence posts four feet deep as opposed to the industry standard two-and-a-half to three-foot depth.” Luckraft says. That customization and thinking outside of the box approach has presented unique challenges to Luckraft that he is always willing to tackle. “We recently had a client who was ‘vertically-challenged’ since she is under five feet tall,” Luckraft recalls. “In the custom gate we built for her, we placed a pothole window, at just the right height, so that it was not only decorative, but also quite functional for her.”

Stick Built Construction offers wood (cedar as well as pressure-treated posts), vinyl and aluminum options in the fences he constructs. When asked what homeowners are looking for today, Luckraft says, “Customers want durability, quality, follow-through and not the cheapest price, but rather a fair price. They understand that a fence is an investment, and they want to feel comfortable with the whole process.”

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