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The Best Neighbors Ever

Walpole Outdoors

Walpole Outdoors is a name many will recognize since they have been in business since 1933. With a showroom and out door display area in East Falmouth as well as at both Pine Harbor Wood Products locations in Yarmouth and Harwich, customers can experience the quality of Walpole’s outdoor products first-hand. Fences are offered in wood, aluminum and chain link, as well as vinyl. According to Rick Kolbert, manager in East Falmouth, the difference in choosing Walpole for a vinyl fence makes all the difference. “We have two types of vinyl products,” Kolbert explains. “We have the hollow vinyl, which is the high-sheen style people are most familiar with. And we have a solid vinyl, which is an AZEK product that we find accounts for 50-60% of our business. It has a painted finish. It looks like wood and it feels like wood.” According to Kolbert, this new solid vinyl has become a customer favorite due to the very long durability. “The previous hollow vinyl could be washed down, but at some point it would loose its luster,” Kolbert explains. “Since this product takes paint, with some cleaning and a new coat of paint, its life is indefinite.” In addition Walpole has a patented life-guard post base that goes into the ground eliminating the contact between a wooden fence post and the deteriorating environment, providing the posts with extended lifetimes.

Kolbert says customers are looking for a fence for a variety of reasons: to provide security, a barrier, or ornamentation and also purely aesthetic. “A lot of times you can have really beautiful landscapes and our products whether they are fences, or arbors or pergolas, have the ability to anchor the entire design,” Kolbert offers. 

Walpole has display areas up and down the East Coast, but performs installations anywhere in the continental United States. Kolbert offers, “People love the look of New England, and that is what our products offer. Fences in New England seem to have a greater sense of pride and curb appeal. Elsewhere in the country, fences can be simply functional and the aesthetic can be lacking. That is why people call us from coast to coast.” 

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