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Get Wild

Gardening runs in the Cronburg family: Karen and Terry’s daughter, Ingrid, recently won first place at the Vermont Wildflower Photo Competition, held by the Vermont Wildflower Farm—the same place from which Terry and Karen buy bulk annual and perennial seed each year. “We love sharing our garden with our family. Whenever I walk on the beach, I collect fun shells and seaglass to add to our walkway, and when our grandkids come to visit, they love to walk up and down the path and recollect everything I’ve added,” laughs Karen. 

This past year, the Cronburg’s garden was particularly notable for bright sunflowers, royal blue bachelor buttons, and cheerful orange poppies. Hot pink cosmos flourished all the way up until first frost, demonstrating just how resilient wildflowers can be. With the right amount of care and careful consideration, a wildflower garden, filled with color and spirit, is certainly an achievable goal. Karen and Terry have become wildflower masters, and sitting on their porch, looking across a sea of colors to the sparkling ocean beyond, they can take pride in the fanciful sanctuary they have cultivated.

Like an enchanting sky full of stars, the Cronburg’s garden will continue to shine on—a prismatic light that guides the way as beachgoers stroll down the streets of Cataumet, enjoying the peaceful nature of a small Cape Cod town. As with the calming joy of a silent night, serene Cape Cod days are made all the better by the wildflower stars of this incredible garden.

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