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Bay Dream Believers

The spacious kitchen is centered by a brilliant blue island that grounds the sink so that Rick and Michelle can enjoy the view while cleaning up. “Michelle brought inspiration images to our first meeting,” Hilferty recalls. “She knew she wanted a white kitchen to wrap around a blue island. Together with Dean Sarrasin from Kitchen Port in Orleans, we found a color that she loved, ‘Blue Quartz,’ and we even decided to paint the pantry door in the same color.” Kitchen Port was also responsible for all four bathrooms, beautifully tiled by Eastham local, Andrew Fettig from Salt Hay Home Services, as well as the beautiful bar in the living room that provides just a bit of sparkle in its ability to keep everyone happy.

Hilferty, Sarrasin, McDonald, and van Steensel, the entire team, all use the same adjectives and emotional charge when talking about this project, but more specifically, the family that their collective efforts benefited. Hilferty, whose demeanor as she interacts with the entire family, seems more like an aunt to Hailey and Bella. “It’s not that this project was easy, that’s not why I loved it so much,” Hilferty explains. “It’s that I was designing for a family and it just became very meaningful. Every choice impacted the way they live and enjoy this home together as a family.” 

Van Steensel echoes the sentiment, “This project was really special because of the people involved. It is the third home on the same road Peter and I have collaborated on, and everything really came together with this one. We were able to deliver the project on time and the owners are so appreciative.” Additionally, van Steensel says that the custom pieces (a built-in hutch in the dining area as well as the bureau in the master suite) that his Timmerwerk crew were able to create, based on Hilferty’s designs, add to the custom narrative this family achieved with their new home.

Now, weekends are spent with Hailey and Bella tracing the footprints left in the sand by Rick and Michelle’s daughters over 25 years ago. Family time on the Cape extends to the next generation as they create  new memories in a new home. There is something about this home that has allowed it to quickly take its place in the neighborhood. Maybe because it isn’t a box with yellow shutters. Maybe it is the welcoming front porch where Rick likes to enjoy his morning coffee. Maybe it is the unfettered, casual landscape, accomplished by Sorbello Landscaping, that lets people know the home is as connected to the beach as they are. Perhaps it is the perfect shade of aqua Michelle chose for the front door. McDonald’s design, with its entrancing lines and gables, might have something to do with it. Van Steensel’s uncompromising commitment to quality and craftsmanship certainly plays a part. Whatever it is, a day doesn’t go by without several passersby stopping in front of the house. Some just stop to take it in. Some stop and discuss elements of the home amongst themselves. Many stop and, given the chance, engage with the family, often with a compliment of appreciation, while some inquire what that shade is on the door. What better compliment that you have built the right home, than one that stops your neighbors on their way to a day on the beach?

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