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Writer: Brenna Collins / Photographer: Dan Cutrona 

Life is sweet inside this Cotuit farmhouse, where timeless design and comfort coincide under one roof.

Today’s farmhouse aesthetic blends a modern foundation with rustic touches to preserve the integrity and simplicity of this age-old design. The outcome is a timeless home that radiates comfort, warmth and tradition. Nestled in a wooded haven, this home evokes sentimental scenes of mornings on front porches, gatherings in the kitchen and time spent caring for their beehive in the yard. Laura, a first-generation beekeeper, placed hints of her love for bees tastefully in and around the home, sweetening its entire atmosphere. For the Vollmers, both native Cape Codders, their new Cotuit home promises a breath of fresh air for their growing family. A true labor of love, everything from the leveling of the foundation to the finishing custom touches was accomplished by homeowner and builder Peter Vollmer, President of Vollmer & Son Construction, Inc.

When the time came for Peter and his wife, Laura, to settle into a forever home with their two-year-old daughter, Piper, it only felt right to build their own. Peter, born and raised in Cotuit, envisioned settling in the quaint village where he grew up, and Laura soon agreed. “We were so fortunate to find a piece of land to build on in Cotuit. Peter has never lived anywhere else, and as soon as we made our home in Cotuit, I quickly realized I did not need to be anywhere else either,” Laura says.

For over fifteen years, Peter and his father, Mark Vollmer, have worked together in the family’s construction business. In recent years, Peter has taken over the day-to-day business operations of the firm, though the father-son-duo continues to work together in the field daily. Vollmer & Son handles everything from new construction to remodeling and everything in between. After discovering a rare piece of land, suitable for building in Cotuit, they immediately got to work crafting their dream. The entire process took about a year. “We are lucky Peter is in the business since he had to bring in so much fill, because it was just a hole and not a level piece of land. It definitely took some work to get it the way it is now, but it all worked out,” Laura remarks.

From the start, a classic Cape Cod cottage was never on the drawing boards. “Don’t get me wrong, I spend my days building quintessential Cape Cod homes for our clients, and I have a great appreciation for them,” Peter explains. “But, for what would become our home, we wanted something that felt unique for us, and the farmhouse style appealed to both of us.” The idea of a farmhouse offered the open space and comfort that the family desired. “In my opinion, it’s hard to put the house in one particular style category. We wanted open space and a modern floor plan but still wanted the house to have a warm, comfortable feeling to it. We tried to keep it traditional, with clean lines, but slightly unexpected as well,” Laura says. For Peter, building his own home meant the freedom to make structural decisions and add custom touches. From the sliding barn doors to the kitchen table and accent benches, the space is truly their own as evidenced when he says, “Every decision Laura and I made answered the question, ‘Do we love it?'”

When it came to design, the Vollmers searched for quality elements that would stylistically endure. A large porch was an essential element, establishing the iconic farmhouse feel, along with the white exterior paint and black-clad Andersen windows for a modern finish. The home boasts three bedrooms and three bathrooms, including the master, their daughter’s bedroom and the guest room, soon transitioning into the new baby’s nursery.

Entering the home through the main front door, the entrance is open and airy due to a wall of glass that flanks a tidy office with an adapted table that serves as a partners’ desk for both homeowners. “Peter had that vision before there was even a roof on the house and he made it work. I can’t imagine it being a typical wall at this point, especially because I am working from home now. It really is something you don’t see every day, and it just opens up the room and entryway,” Laura notes. One’s eyes can’t help drifting toward the kitchen ahead, with the oversized island beckoning for attention. A stunning white quartz alabaster countertop with the faintest hint of grey covers the massive island, brightening the space and establishing a visual centerpiece. A mixture of black and white kitchen cabinets adds depth and contrast, and when paired with the geometrically patterned backsplash suggested by Jen Quigley at Ideal Floor, keeps everything flowing effortlessly. The black cabinetry extends to the wet bar where Peter’s use of a small space adds a bit of function and a whole lot of character.

Around the corner, the mudroom’s custom built-ins in the unifying shade of black provide extra storage and a lovely area to take off your boots, while the black honeycomb tile reminds visitors that this farmhouse gathers it’s own harvest from the hives just outside. The three-quarter bath in the space is a testimony to the family’s fun use of pattern and color, with a patterned black and white tile floor and a light seafoam shower wall tile, and of course a honeycomb shaped mirror over the free-floating vanity.

The living area sits off of the kitchen as its own cozy nook in the open area, distinguished by half walls and the vaulted shiplap ceiling. A black industrial metal chandelier crowns the space, putting the “modern” in modern farmhouse. The stone around the fireplace adds warmth and stands out as one of the family’s favorite features. “I love it all, from the piece of stone around the fireplace to the laundry on the second floor. I also can’t leave out the storage aspect-we still have kitchen cabinets and closets that aren’t fully used,” Laura says.

The couple wanted to incorporate clean, comfortable designs that mix old with new. The white shiplap walls on parts of the main floor and upstairs contribute to the clean design and provide a fresh backdrop for darker colors. “I think the shiplap is a perfect balance between farmhouse and a coastal vibe,” Laura notes. Peter’s custom sliding barn doors artfully conceal the pantry in the kitchen, as well as the laundry room upstairs, creating a functional design element that ties in the black accent color used throughout the home.

Upstairs, the children’s bathroom is a showstopper and a fun splash of color. The orange vanity perfectly grounds the space as it gives a nod to the accent colors in the playful jellyfish wallpaper. The space creates an unexpected pop and a whimsical feel without being too childlike, so it will last as the children grow. On either side of the bathroom’s entrance, the two children’s bedrooms are cozy retreats. Down the hall, the master bedroom emits a warm, comfortable tone with its gray-blue shiplap accent wall and vaulted ceilings. The wide plank wood flooring paired with the bed’s neutral tones, light bedding and colorful accent throw keep the space light while blending with the coastal mood.

For the Vollmers, their dream home is all about the quality details that make it their own, having designed it to last for years to come. “I think the enduring elements are a lot of the things you can’t really see or notice firsthand. Peter chose products that he knew would last, like the insulation in the attic space and the type of filtration system for the HVAC. Stylistically, we kept all the major design components neutral, like the flooring, and even the kitchen cabinets are a neutral in black and white. In my opinion, that will never go out of style, and we can always bring in different accent colors to keep things up to date,” Laura shares.

A blend of yesterday and today, the Vollmer residence is a refreshing, artfully designed sanctuary. Against its clean, traditional slate, multiple styles can meet harmoniously. Like bees in the hive, the Vollmers can grow and create together in their cherished home for years to come.

Visit the Vollmer’s online at vollmerandson.com!

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