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Honey, I’m Home

Life is sweet inside this Cotuit farmhouse, where timeless design and comfort coincide under one roof.

Today’s farmhouse aesthetic blends a modern foundation with rustic touches to preserve the integrity and simplicity of this age-old design. The outcome is a timeless home that radiates comfort, warmth and tradition. Nestled in a wooded haven, this home evokes sentimental scenes of mornings on front porches, gatherings in the kitchen and time spent caring for their beehive in the yard. Laura, a first-generation beekeeper, placed hints of her love for bees tastefully in and around the home, sweetening its entire atmosphere. For the Vollmers, both native Cape Codders, their new Cotuit home promises a breath of fresh air for their growing family. A true labor of love, everything from the leveling of the foundation to the finishing custom touches was accomplished by homeowner and builder Peter Vollmer, President of Vollmer & Son Construction, Inc.

When the time came for Peter and his wife, Laura, to settle into a forever home with their two-year-old daughter, Piper, it only felt right to build their own. Peter, born and raised in Cotuit, envisioned settling in the quaint village where he grew up, and Laura soon agreed. “We were so fortunate to find a piece of land to build on in Cotuit. Peter has never lived anywhere else, and as soon as we made our home in Cotuit, I quickly realized I did not need to be anywhere else either,” Laura says. 

For over fifteen years, Peter and his father, Mark Vollmer, have worked together in the family’s construction business. In recent years, Peter has taken over the day-to-day business operations of the firm, though the father-son-duo continues to work together in the field daily. Vollmer & Son handles everything from new construction to remodeling and everything in between. After discovering a rare piece of land, suitable for building in Cotuit, they immediately got to work crafting their dream. The entire process took about a year. “We are lucky Peter is in the business since he had to bring in so much fill, because it was just a hole and not a level piece of land. It definitely took some work to get it the way it is now, but it all worked out,” Laura remarks. 

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