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F: Farmhouse Chic

West Barnstable Tables

The recent wave of popularity for the “farmhouse look” has people looking to bring the natural and warm qualities of aged wood into their homes. For 50 years, West Barnstable Tables has been perfecting the craft of taking reclaimed wood and turning it into one of your most prized possessions. Owner and craftsman, Dick Kiusalas says that when he finds a piece of wood, he identifies it’s best representation and strives to bring that out. 

Most importantly, Kiusalas says that each piece evolves from humble beginnings to its final glory. “The imagination starts, and then as you are working with the piece, things change,” he explains. A look around the expansive four showrooms in an antique barn confirms the care, craftsmanship and ingenuity that bring the heirloom pieces to life. 

More than just farmhouse dining tables, Kiusalas and his team create free-standing furniture—often with a touch of irony or humor evidenced by the unlikely reclaimed pieces that have been sourced. Their pieces include hutches, sideboards, coffee tables and almost anything else you can imagine, including a long list of custom projects that clients have requested over the past five decades. 

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