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E: Energy Efficiency

Cape Light Compact

Since 1997, Cape Light Compact has been a leader in helping Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard work towards a cleaner and more efficient energy future. Founded out of a need to help consumers navigate the newly deregulated electricity market, The Compact has made it their mission to reduce energy costs across Cape and Vineyard homes and businesses. With a focus on education and consumer advocacy, The Compact has become a model for community choice aggregation, a program that allows communities to pool their buying power and to opt-in to cleaner, more renewable power supply options. For those looking to greenify their home, The Compact recommends a home energy assessment. A home performance Vendor will assess the home and from there, homeowners can work with The Compact to apply changes that will not only save money and energy, but help the planet. With programs like the CLC Local Greensm, a power supply option for those who wish to purchase renewable energy from the New England area, The Compact has provided residents and businesses with the tools and resources to bring the Cape into a greener future.

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