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D: Distinctive Design

Hutker Architects

“Build once, well.”
– Mark Hutker

Three little words. Such a simple, yet powerful, philosophy that Mark Hutker, principal and founder of Hutker Architects in Falmouth, Martha’s Vineyard and a new office on the South Shore, has laid as the foundation, not only for his entire team, but every homeowner and collaborative partner that is fortunate enough to experience working on a Hutker project. There is a sense of timelessness found in the designs Hutker Architects creates, and by the mere definition of the word, that timelessness is influenced both by the contributions of the past and the promise and opportunity of the future.

The firm’s ability to create distinctive design comes always from listening. The relationships they forge with their clients and creative partners represent informed, deep and personal exchanges of ideas and visions. “How do you live?” That is a question that is asked of every potential client. While it may seem to be a simple interrogation, the path to the answer is full of life’s subtleties and complexities. From that kaleidoscope of input emerges a design solution that has the potential to not only change a person’s life experience, but also through the process of sharing and growing with family and friends, the right design has the power to set the stage for moments that will be cherished for generations.

Two uniquely disparate and distinct projects from Hutker Architects’ recent history provide a glimpse into the depth and breadth of possibility the talent in Hutker’s shop are able to imagine and ultimately execute.  Under the scope of distinctive design, we examine these adventures of the imagination and reveal two stories, accomplished by two principal partners, where creativity and competency collide and leave behind masterful paragons of thoughtful architecture.

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