Cape Health: Oceanair Himalayan Salt Cave

Cape Cod Life  /  July 2023 / ,

Writer: Jenna Ellis

Salt Cave Serenity A multitude of benefits at Oceanair Himalayan Salt Cave in Orleans will have you breathing easy. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step inside the enchanting realm of a Himalayan salt lamp? As you enter Oceanair Himalayan Salt Cave in Orleans, you are embraced by a serene and soothing ambiance adorned with warm hues of burnt orange crystals, accompanied by the gentle melodies of meditation hymns.  Halotherapy, also known as Himalayan salt therapy, is the practice of using any service or product in which you ingest microscopic salt particles. This therapeutic practice traces its roots back to Poland, originating from the Wieliczka Salt Mine, where Dr. Feliks Boczkowski made a remarkable discovery—the miners working in the salt mines experienced fewer health and respiratory health problems compared to others. He then made the connection between the miners, who spent all day chiseling away at Himalayan salt, and their environment, surrounded by and ingesting the dispersed salt particles. Owner, Dr. Margaret Smiechowski, is a homeopathic doctor from Poland who has a passion for spreading awareness about the benefits of unprocessed salt to Americans through the creation of salt caves. With two locations, one in Orleans, MA, and the other in Palm Harbor, FL, Dr. Smiechowski hand-built the caves with eco-friendly materials and Himalayan salt imported from Pakistan.  Grace Weikert, who manages the Orleans sanctuary is a sound healer, and meditation facilitator. She says, “It helps with a lot of different respiratory and inflammatory related issues such as blood pressure, anxiety, joint pain, asthma, neurological conditions, arthritis, heart conditions, fatigue,” just to name a few of the plentiful benefits of immersing yourself in the salt cave. In addition to its numerous health benefits, it is worth noting that Himalayan salt also offers incredible advantages for the…

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