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Changing Spaces

Jean Bill Romeo

While the oyster painting over the fireplace was purchased originally to coordinate with the green slipcovers in the former home, it works perfectly in the new home with a brand new palette of blue.

The Romeos quickly found another home just a few miles away, allowing them to continue to enjoy the same beaches, harbors and villages they had come to love. One significant difference, however, was left to be addressed: the new home was a contemporary Cape, built by Eastward Companies just a few years earlier. Would the deliberately chosen furnishings and artwork transition to this new space, and how? It is not uncommon for homeowners to take in their surroundings with new inspection as they prepare to move from one space to another. A move to a completely different house naturally triggers questions about how furnishings and accessories will fare in the new space: How will that painting that is so perfect over the fireplace work in my new home? Will this seating area fit in the new living room?

Chalk it up to the provenance that the Romeos possess an understanding of what they like, what they love and how they want to live. This is a family that embraces their life with joy and gusto and lives in the moment, a phrase that has become a cliché, but is more of a credo for the Romeos. It also didn’t hurt that Malone whipped up another masterpiece for an open and spacious living room. As the couple moved in to their new home, the art they loved found new inspiration in unexpected places as it joined new elements in new environments. The bold color combination that grounded their formal living room in the antique easily became the focal point of a cozy jewel box of a room that has become the social hub during every gathering—partially due to the functioning beverage bar that draws people in during parties.

The Romeos have all of the space, storage and convenience they will ever need in their new home—but they also have the warm atmosphere they had achieved in their former home. And despite living in a fairly new home, they are surrounded by a solid tale of history as they move amongst their belongings and beautiful art. Everything has a story, and stories are layered in light, nuance and memory.

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