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You don’t want to miss this event at Chatham Airport!

Stick’n Rudder Aero Tours
Waco YMF-5C
Kyle Takakjian

While visitors won’t witness such reckless flying at the open house, they’ll get to enjoy the exciting “aircraft flour-drop competition,” an aerial version of bocce ball in which pilots and their chosen “bombardiers” will see who can drop a one-pound bag of flour closest to a bullseye on the ground. 

Guests can also check out privately owned World War II warbirds, current military craft from nearby Otis Air Force Base, and plenty of private planes. Dozens of static aircraft will be on display, including one from PlaneSense, a company that offers fractional jet ownership.

“We’re never sure if our requests for military aircraft are approved until about two weeks before the open house, but in recent years we’ve had a National Guard Black Hawk [helicopter] and a Coast Guard chopper,” says Christine.

Interested in what makes planes tick? If so, you can get a look under the hood of an airplane at Stick’n Rudder Aero Maintenance, the CQX maintenance shop that will be open to visitors. Aspiring pilots can also learn more about Stick’n Rudder’s flight instruction while at the event.

For those adventurous souls interested in an aerial tour of the region, the airport’s sightseeing service, Stick’n Rudder Aero Tours, will offer its three trips at normal costs. The 15-minute Washashore tour encompasses the towns of Chatham, Orleans and Eastham, as well as Pleasant Bay. The Clamdigger excursion, at 30 minutes, includes the aforementioned towns plus Brewster, Harwich, Wellfleet and Truro. The hour-long outing, the Great White, loops south around Monomoy Island and north to Provincetown, and extends a little further out into the ocean, promising a greater chance of sighting marine life.

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