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A talented designer “sets things straight”

One of the many talents Granfield effectively employs is her ability to clearly understand her clients’ needs (sometimes better than they do) and recognize the elements that will make their home not only work, but also generate feelings of joy over and over. “I often ask clients what they don’t like or don’t utilize in their home,” Granfield says. Here, she discovered there was underutilized space in the garage. “Immediately it became clear that we could take needed living space from the garage to make a comfortable ground floor that would include a fire-placed living room, a dining area with a stunning view, a spacious kitchen with an oversized square island, a laundry room and half bath, and a comfortable master en suite,” Granfield explains.

Upstairs, the old living area and kitchen have become a coffee bar and a second-story perch perfect for both grandchildren and adults, as a large flat-screen television, over a second fireplace, offers up sports, soaring windows showcase the nearby boat traffic, and the popular second-story deck has been revamped to include comfortable seating, a fire pit, a grilling area and a proposed new outdoor bar. Three bedrooms provide plenty of respite for visiting friends and family as well as a myriad of entertaining options. “The kids love it, but also when grown-up company comes, they have all of upstairs to themselves. They can be on their own schedule and get their own coffee, until we are up and about,” Paula notes.

Perhaps it was intuition, maybe it was just good old professionalism, but whatever the impetus was for Granfield to suggest such a transformation, it seemed to be driven by divine inspiration. Within months of completing the project, Steve and Paula were headed to Florida for a few weeks of winter rest when Steve suffered a stroke while driving south. “I woke up in a hospital in Florida and turned to Paula and said, ‘Good thing Christine thought to flip the Cape house—I would never be able to get up those stairs.’”

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