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A talented designer “sets things straight”

Granfield’s contribution didn’t end with the suggestion for reconfiguration. Innately she understood this family’s love for their home and surmised they would want to enjoy it for as long as they were able. “I worked closely with the architect to come up with a plan that would take into account the need for universal design,” Granfield says. “So we made sure that the doors were wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair if that became a consideration later in life. Or that it would be easy to get from the car into the house.” Paula confirms Granfield’s foresight and her ability to implement common-sense design. “I thought they were all good ideas, like when we were in our eighties. I just didn’t think it would happen so soon.”

The close relationship Granfield has built with the couple has earned her a unique sense of trust that has successfully driven countless design decisions. “Christine has been amazing,” Paula says. “She did such a fantastic job, right down to the drawer and cabinet pulls. There wasn’t one detail that she didn’t think of, and it is all perfect. She absolutely knew what I like, better than I knew.”  

“My style of design is not to push what I like on somebody,” Granfield explains. “So when I go out and shop for clients, I literally try to see it through their eyes, and imagine I am living their life.” She also has a fresh take on the choices a homeowner makes regarding the items in their home when she says: “Every part of every house should be the homeowners’ favorite item. Every chair should be really comfortable and make the homeowner smile, every couch should be really comfortable and call to the homeowner from across the room. Why not? There is no reason to have any part of your house that doesn’t work right and be what you want.”

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