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A talented designer “sets things straight”

A perfect illustration of Granfield’s philosophy is the effect of the remodel on the home’s small backyard. At the end of the “tunnel” Granfield and the homeowner acknowledge as the hallway that led from the front door, past the downstairs bedrooms to a nondescript back door in the old design, Granfield’s new design has a sleek new glass exterior door. The door, with a maintenance-free blind sandwiched between the glass, has now become a bullseye that beckons visitors to venture into the previously underutilized, narrow backyard. The modest space has sprung to life with new landscaping, a comfortable seating area and an exquisite glass fire pit.

“I am so happy that Steve and Paula and their entire family now have a forever house. A place where they can be comfortable and safe. There is so much natural light now. They have plenty of room to entertain; they use the outside now, which they never did. It just all came together really well and at just the right time,” says Granfield.

Steve’s health has improved steadily and his recovery is strong. He says: “This project was never about ‘What can we do to get the most out of this house when we sell it?’ It has always been about ‘How can we make this house exactly what we want now?’”

Sometimes you just have to turn things on their head to straighten them out.

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