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Cocktail recipes you can try at home!

Mixology at Chatham Bars Inn

We caught up with industry expert and master mixologist at Chatham Bars Inn (CBI), Adam Couto, to hear about his experiences and find out some tricks of the trade! 

CCL: How long have you been a mixologist?

AC: I’ve been in the industry for 15 years.  

CCL: What is one of your favorite ingredients? 

AC: I’m very excited about the Orgeat we’re using in our Mai Tai at CBI. The one we use is from “Small Hands Foods,” and it’s the best I’ve ever tasted. 

CCL: What trends should we be on the lookout for?

AC: I think we’ll see more demand for low-alcohol and non-alcoholic cocktails that allow guests who are not drinking alcohol to still experience a creative beverage. I also think we’ll see more Gin & Tonic options. With ever-increasing gin varieties, bars and restaurants will have fun building on different flavors.

CCL: Where do you find inspiration?

AC: Under my home bar is a bookcase full of all things spirits. I try to include at least one of those books in my mixology classes. I also listen to podcasts and highly recommend “Bartender at Large.” Mixology is about building and balancing flavors, so I get a lot of inspiration from cooking at home, speaking with our team and incorporating anything I can from the CBI Farm.

CCL: How long have you been teaching mixology? 

AC: We started our mixology class at CBI this past January, and I’ve been incorporating mixology into staff training and development since I started managing bars. I think the team’s knowledge is such a key to success. It can really build trust with our guests.

CCL: At the end of your shift you pour yourself…?

AC: Our “Coastal Encounter” Pale Ale—a collaboration we just released between CBI and Mayflower Brewing in Plymouth. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

CCL: Do you have a signature drink?

AC: I developed a “mocktail” with orange-ginger shrub mixed with carrot juice and club soda. I liked it so much that I added some white rum and orange bitters and put it on our menu. We call it the “Sunshine Riptide” and also have the non-alcoholic version on our spa menu.

CCL: In your free time, where do you go for a cocktail?

AC: Blue Fins in Chatham or Rock Harbor Grill in Orleans—fantastic bartenders and creative cocktails.

CCL: What cocktail book is on your coffee table?

AC: The Aviary Cocktail Book. The photos alone are great, but it’s also a fun read and has some amazing recipes.

CCL: What is your advice for at-home mixologists?

AC: Don’t be afraid to try new things. People tell me they don’t like a particular spirit. Don’t rule them out! When building a cocktail at home, think first about the flavor profile you want and work backwards. If you get one book, make it The Flavor Bible. It’s an index for flavors that work well together. Most importantly, have fun with it. null

Chatham Bars Inn has recently partnered with Maker’s Mark to collaborate on a private select bourbon. Stay tuned for one of their signature cocktail recipes at!

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