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Collective Collaboration

The kitchen is where most of the action takes place as it commands center focus from any point in the new space. An oversized rectangular island, topped with quartz, is home to the sink and dishwasher, allowing the clean-up crew to still engage with the rest of the family and guests. The functional storage and appliance portion of the kitchen wraps in an L-shape around the island like a casual arm around a friend’s shoulder. The backsplash over the cooktop utilizes the same tile found on the mudroom floor and Cathy says, “I wanted something in quiet colors and different textures. I think that combination is really timeless.” 

The allocation of space between the island and the flanking cabinets, (also designed with Mid-Cape) is subliminally generous. “I think those are my real strengths,” Cathy declares. “I understand traffic flow and spatial design. I think it comes from my previous life as a physical therapist­—I am always considering form and function.” Cathy says that clients aren’t always able to articulate what they like, but they really do know what ultimately works for them. “I just listen to them,” she says. “If you ask enough of the right questions and give them the freedom to talk about how they live, it will all come to light. But, I’m not afraid to trust my instincts and I will say, ‘This doesn’t feel right. Can I have just a little bit of time to think about it?’ And then, after some consideration, the right solution usually appears.”

A spacious dining table seats the Kert family easily with four grown children and maybe a handful of extended friends and family. Along the wall of the dining area, a built-in bank of cabinets serves as a buffet while also providing storage and display space. Cathy originally designed the unit for the previous kitchen space. During construction, the piece was removed and stored until Barnes could get their hands on it, and put it in place so that it looks as though it has always been part of the design. Now, displaying treasured pieces from generations of the Kert family, it subtly acknowledges both the history of the original home and the future of the new addition.

No, Cathy Kert is not shy. She is not brash or brazen. But she is warm, thoughtful, creative, innovative and ever so talented. Her home has brought out the best in all of those qualities, making it a “forever home” in which anyone would want to spend at least that long.

For more inspiration from Cathy Kert, visit her online here or in person at 420 Barlows Landing Road, Pocasset!

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