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Work/ Life Balance

As we find ourselves working from home, how do we really get the job done?

Someday, as we look back at the spring of ’20, we will acknowledge a shift in the way we valiantly tried to maintain productivity. Circumstances completely out of our control have forced us to retreat into our homes where we are struggling to conduct business as usual. Families with young children suddenly find themselves conducting classroom activities, while parents of adult children are evaluating their bandwidth capabilities, and everyone is striving to achieve more calm than chaos. With such a sudden and unplanned shift in how we work and how we live, how do we successfully run our businesses, while maintaining our home environment?

Peter Kimball, owner of A.P. Kimball Construction in Yarmouth Port says that homeowners across the Cape are struggling to figure out the best way to work from home. “Just assuming that you can sit on your couch with a laptop and cell phone and do your job isn’t working for anyone,” Kimball explains. “Not going to an office everyday means that you really have to define your place of business at home.” For over a month, Kimball has been responding to calls from both new and existing clients who are looking to either make quick changes to their home to allow their families to be more productive, or in some cases, define a long-term solution that will permanently and significantly change the space in their home to become a dedicated work environment.

Kimball says that the most important thing for a space to be effective is to make sure it is isolated, or at the very least, defined. “The ideal situation is a dedicated space in the home that is reserved for work. But it doesn’t have to be a large space. If people don’t have a whole room to turn over as a home office, a portion of a bedroom can easily become a space that provides the focus and functionality people are looking for,” Kimball says when looking at the use of a guest room or other room in the home. “And, it doesn’t have to be a complete room. If you still need a place for weekend guests, you might consider converting a guest room and having some of your furniture like a desk or cabinets built-in. That way, the space is customized to exactly how you need and want to use it.”

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