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Cracking the Code

Local businesses get innovative as they adopt creative solutions to keep things running during a pandemic.

Jason Montigel of La Tacodilla

Jason Montigel had a very good thing going. His 16-seat restaurant, Clean Slate Eatery in West Dennis catered to those with a discerning palate as he offered two 10-course tasting menus to diners lucky enough to get one of the coveted seats in his establishment, which grew out of his popular success of pop-up dinner clubs. “All of a sudden we realized that whether we knew it or not, we were out of business when the Governor issued an order closing inside dining,” Montigel recalls. “This is what I do, I cook for people. I had to figure out a way to keep doing that. It’s just who I am.”

The Tacodilla food truck & menu.

Montigel’s path was one that delightfully surprised many; the chef who had previously been one of the hottest tickets on the Cape, invested his passions into a food truck that serves up Tijuana-style birria tacos, all with Montigel’s innovative flair—including inventive vegan options like brussel sprouts and sweet potato—from the parking lot of his now defunct restaurant. La Tacodilla, a name concocted from an intersection between a taco and a quesadilla, offers unique interpretations of the beloved cuisine one might expect to find on the streets of Mexico or the beaches of Big Sur, not Cape Cod. “It really doesn’t matter what you cook,” Montigel says. “If you love food, and you source the freshest ingredients, you can still create something delicious.” These delicious delicacies have to be tried to be believed. Montigel says he is committed to keeping La Tacodilla open through the summer of 2021.

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