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Town Profiles

Sites to See and Places to Be Across the Cape and Islands

Upper Cape: Bourne • Sandwich • Falmouth • Mashpee


Bourne Village  • Bournedale • Buzzards Bay

Cataumet • Gray Gables • Monument Beach

Pocasset • Sagamore • Sagamore Beach

Bourne Bridge

“Call me when you get to the bridge,”
is a common phrase many Cape Codders use to reference time of arrival for their loved ones. With all three bridges located in town, the Bourne, the Sagamore and the Cape Cod Canal Railroad Bridge, Bourne is the first town you enter when arriving on Cape Cod. And despite it being the first town you enter, it happens to be the last town on Cape Cod that was officially incorporated. Bourne was originally established as part of the town of Sandwich in 1640, but it wasn’t until 1884 that it separated and became its own town. In total, there are nine villages that make up the town of Bourne, that are easily differentiated in relation to the canal, which separates the town. Located on the “mainland” is Buzzards Bay, Sagamore Beach and Bournedale, “on” the Cape is Bourne Village, Gray Gables, Monument Beach, Pocasset, and Cataumet, while in-between sits Sagamore. 

Aptucxet Trading Post

The Cape Cod Canal is probably one of the most well known landmarks on Cape Cod. Although it wasn’t fully operational until 1940, it was in the works long before then. The artificial waterway, part of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, connects Cape Cod Bay (north side) and Buzzards Bay (south side), as well as Cape Cod to the mainland. The Canal runs almost seven miles long and has many recreational activities. Weather permitted, you can find people biking, running, walking or rollerblading along the edge of the Canal and experience the most spectacular sunsets on the bay side. 

Only five miles from the Bourne Bridge in Cataumet, The Chart Room, constructed upon a converted New Jersey Central Railroad barge, welcomes visitors at the Kingman Yacht Center. In 1953, the barge was towed all the way to Red Brook Harbor, where it is currently located, and was later converted into The Chart Room in 1966. Today, The Chart Room serves as a local stomping ground, a popular spot for great food, drinks and a fun seasonal atmosphere day to night. Make sure to stop by when they re-open for the 2021 season!

Photo courtesy of the Chart Room

Once apart of Sandwich, one of the first towns established on Cape Cod, Bourne holds many historical buildings and landmarks, most well-known being the Aptucxet Trading Post which was originally built by the Pilgrims of the Plymouth Colony in 1627. Located midway between the Dutch settlement and the Plymouth Plantation, the spot was perfect to trade with the Wampanoag Indians and Dutch travelers. 

The Aptucxet Trading Post that stands today is actually a replica, constructed in 1930 on the original foundation of what was excavated in the 1920’s by the Bourne Historical Society. Currently, the Aptucxet Trading Post serves as just one of the many historical buildings and replicas at the Museums at Aptucxet, dedicated to the preservation and education of local history. 

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