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Cracking the Code

Jessie Gomes of The Beaded Wire

Jessica Gomes, owner of The Beaded Wire, a jewelry wholesaler whose designs are handmade locally in Harwich, saw her retailers forced to close in the spring with Governor Baker’s Stay-at-Home order. Her husband, who is handy beyond his duties as an electrician, helped Gomes transform a construction trailer into a custom mobile boutique from which she could sell her seaside inspired baubles. The boutique has an outdoor display bar where customers can peruse earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and anklets whose Swarovski crystals and beach glass twinkle and cajole passersby who are starved for a shopping fix. In addition, the inside of the boutique provides the kind of creature comforts rarely found in even the finest van conversions. Recessed lighting, shiplap paneling, air conditioning and heat for the colder months make the shopping experience exactly what it should be: comfortable and stress free. 

As establishments started to reopen in the summer of 2020, Gomes continued to make the rounds with her roaming retail solution, but partnered with the brick and mortar stores that have been the bread and butter of her wholesale business. “We would make a plan as far as where we would be on which day and we would make it an event. I would show up and the store would bring things outside as well,” Gomes recalls. “The mobile boutique would attract attention and before long, shoppers would feel comfortable enough to linger for awhile and ultimately many of them went inside the shops as well.” This year, Gomes still sees a need for the flexibility that got so many through 2020, and says people can definitely find her adaptable answer to shopping adjacent to The Snow Goose Shop on Main Street in Harwich.

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