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Cracking the Code

Samantha Leonard & Corrie Mays of The Plum Porch

Samantha Leonard and Corrie Mays, the dynamic sister duo who own The Plum Porch in Marstons Mills also benefited from the power of social media during the pandemic. The popular gift shop had debuted a seasonal dress boutique in 2019. As the boutique was poised to reopen for its first full season on the first day of spring in 2020, Leonard and Mays found themselves unable to open with the Governor’s order a week before. Determined to prevail, the women engaged their energizing and enterprising spirit and launched live shopping events on their Facebook and Instagram platforms. “People ask us what the live shopping events are like, and we tell them, think of QVC online,” Mays explains. Sure enough the two hosts exchanged banter and laughs as well as anecdotes from their lives, all while showcasing dresses and accessories to a real time audience that weighed in with live posted comments. The sessions, regularly scheduled once a week, during the evenings at 8:30 after evening responsibilities have wrapped up, became so popular, micro watch parties started to tune in for the fun. The shopping events have been so successful, they continue almost a year after their conception. “People still come in to the store,” Mays says, as Leonard finishes her sentence, “And they say, ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Mays finishes by saying, “You guys got us through a really tough time.”

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