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Cracking the Code

Jitka Borowick of Nové Yoga

They say timing is everything. Jitka Borowick, owner of Nové Yoga and Wellness, a spectacular new studio in West Dennis, knows that to be more true than she had ever imagined. Borowick, who has experienced over a decade of success on the Cape with her Clean Green cleaning company, was finally at place in her life where she could dedicate herself and all of her valuable resources to her ultimate dream: creating a business that advanced health and wellness through yoga, meditation and mindfulness. The master plan called for a state-of-the-art facility that would welcome clients with a variety of options for their pursuit of health and peace. The new center was scheduled to open in April of 2020; the universe had other plans.

Nova Yoga Studio

“We were focused on the beginning of something that I had imagined for so long, and then we hit a dead end,” Borowick remembers. “No one knew when places like yoga studios would be able to reopen, and under what conditions?” Thankfully, the plans for the business had incorporated a spacious studio to be used for video production. Borowick and her team fast-tracked the production schedule to create a robust offering of taped sessions that provides virtual access to their members, in the safety and security of their home, as their schedule allowed. Borowick and her roster of instructors are all focused on one thing: helping people find their own path to health. 

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