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Design for all time

Patrick Ahearns Timeless

To Ahearn, the spaces between structures are just as important as the structures themselves, a concept he explores in the book. “Views, even if it’s across private property, can be meaningful in terms of enjoyment,” he says. “Viewing into a wonderful English garden as you walk down the sidewalk, or seeing the harbor in the distance and that special sailboat catching the sunrise—this is all part of the human condition that architecture can really influence in a positive way.”

“Timeless” also details the story of Ahearn’s life and career. A native of Levittown, Long Island, Ahearn moved to Boston in 1973, after completing graduate school at Syracuse University. By the late ’80s, he had restored hundreds of historic buildings in the Back Bay, breathing life into the previously run-down neighborhood. Ahearn then set his sights on Edgartown in the mid ’90s, once again taking on the role of community steward and reimagining residential and commercial properties in the area.

Ahearn’s career-long dedication to designing for the greater good—to respect the surroundings he creates in, and to respect the needs of the people whom he creates for—culminates with “Timeless.” But Ahearn’s work is far from done. As he notes in the book, “More than four decades into my time as an architect, these place-making ventures continue to keep me excited and intrigued, and more enthusiastic than ever about my craft.”

“Timeless” by Patrick Ahearn is available for purchase from Amazon.

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