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D: Distinctive Design

Wychmere Cottage

When an active young family considered a site for a new home in Harwich, their interior designer suggested a dream team duo from Hutker for the project. Enter Jim Cappuccino, who has been at Hutker for fifteen years and notably has become a recent partner, and Erin Levin, a valued associate who Cappuccino describes as an indispensable asset. “Jen Palumbo, a really talented interior designer, had used us on her own home in Osterville,” Cappuccino explains. “So when she referred one of her clients to us, it was not only a huge compliment, but we jumped at the chance to work with her again.” A visit to the site that included an older home that was ultimately replaced by the newly designed structures allowed the team to take the cues from the surrounding topography as well as the established neighboring structures. “It was a heavily wooded site,” Cappuccino explains. “And one of those older neighborhoods on the Cape with historical charm that feels very familiar. So it was important for us to create something unique, but also work with the traditional history of that neighborhood.” From the approach, the home gives a nod to the neighborhood with a farmers’ porch on the front of the house that takes in the charm and activity of the streetscape.

“In the back of the home is where we created external spaces,” Cappuccino goes on to say. “It was really important to this family that they have an internal and external connection to their property. There are a few spaces set up to create that, and that is one of the drivers of the house, which is somewhat of a T-shape.”  The external spaces Cappuccino describes include a sublime in-ground pool that stretches across the backyard, and is enveloped in thick green grass with an apron of bluestone pavers.  A one-bedroom cabana with an outdoor seating area and exterior fireplace provides shelter as a counterpoint to the outdoor covered dining porch off of the main home.

Understanding how function can influence form, Cappuccino and Levin sited the backside of the home so that it was facing south, thus allowing this fast-paced, sun-loving family to enjoy the all of the bounty a Cape Cod day offers. The design was made even more accessible with the inclusion of a NanaWall between the kitchen and the outdoor dining space.

Inside the 3,200 square-foot home, Cappuccino explains, “The goal was to create an open plan that offered well-lit spaces, as south-facing as we could get them. Almost every room in this house has three exposures which is great for both light and ventilation.”

Cappuccino stresses that the collaborative nature of the project, that included Palumbo, Kendall and Welch Construction as well as exteriors designed by Horiuchi and Solien Landscape Architects, was key to the overall success. “What is great when we assemble a team like this is that we are there at every stage, but very importantly from the initial stages of design at the beginning, and we are all helping each other achieve this vision,” Cappuccino notes. “It was a great collaboration from the onset, the success was driven from that interaction.”

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