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Writer: Susan Dewey

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Courtesy of E.J. Jaxtimer Builder

Courtesy of E.J. Jaxtimer Builder

E.J. Jaxtimer’s passion for building homes is so strong that he dropped out of high school in the 10th grade to pursue work in the construction industry on Cape Cod. Now 38 years into his creation of a very well-known design/build company, Jaxtimer is humbled by his success, yet ever dedicated to his craft.

“I’ve been very fortunate,” Jaxtimer says. “I love to go to work every day,” so much so that he’s known to show up at his Hyannis office as early as 4:30 in the morning. What’s most important to Jaxtimer—who offers full construction, landscape, and millwork services to a wide range of customers on the Cape and Islands—is maintaining quality over quantity in his company’s work. He says making customers happy is the company’s ultimate goal.

“When we do a project for someone—say we build someone a new house—we’re not looking to just build their house. We’re looking to build lasting relationships with our clients,” Jaxtimer explains. “We really do have so many great customers, so it’s very important to me that we do a good job.”

“That’s the reason we’ve been so successful,” he continues. “So many people come back to us over and over again. We’re very lucky.”

IMG_5586 Jaxtimer’s business is truly a family one—his wife, Terry, and three sons, Jonathan, Jamie, and Sam, are all involved. “My wife has been instrumental in helping me run the business, and I would not be anywhere near as successful if it wasn’t for her,” he says. And with Jonathan set to be involved in the business’s construction side, Jamie in day-to-day field operations, and Sam assisting in landscaping, Jaxtimer says he is fortunate that his boys will not only carry on his business, but do so because they genuinely want to.

“I don’t think there has ever been a doubt in their minds,” he says of his sons’ desire to be involved in the business. “I’m the happiest guy in the world.”

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Susan Dewey

Susan Dewey, former associate publisher and editor at Cape Cod Life Publications, lives in Centerville where she grows vegetables and flowers for Cape farmers' markets, designs perennial gardens for her son’s company, Dewey Gardens, and enjoys living on beautiful Cape Cod year round.